Since 1849

We have been
devoted to sake brewing
since 1849.

Azuma Rikishi is a sake brewery located in Nasukarasuyama, Tochigi Prefecture. We have been brewing sake for 170 years since 1849. We keep trying to create new sake flavors every day using the underground water that springs from Mt. Nasu, high-quality sake-brewing rice, and our signature "cave brewery" that is the best for producing long-aged sake.


The unbeatable team,
Azuma Rikishi and
high-quality sake

The brewery was established in 1849 by first-generation proprietor Hikobe Shimazaki in Nakagawa Village, Haga Disgtrict, Shimotsuke Province (now Motegi, Tochigi). The second-generation proprietor of the company, Kumakichi inherited the brewery in present-day Karasuyama. The high-quality sake's name, "Azuma Rikishi", comes from Kumakichi's great love of sumo wrestling.

A first-class water system from the foothills of Mt. Nasu, underground water from the Naka River, and high-quality sake-brewing rice grown in pure soil. We brew our sake with great care every day in order to ensure we brew only the finest drops from the blessings of nature. Cave-aged sake has a deep, unique flavor.


We began making long-aged sake, mainly daiginjo sake, in 1970. As one of Japan's leading sake breweries with experience and many achievements in long-aged sake production, we are continuing to develop our aged sake with the aim of creating new sake flavors.


This cave was originally developed as a site for an underground factory manufacturing military tanks around the end of World War II. This is now our Cave Brewery. The average annual temperature is around 10°C. The jet-black darkness, which is completely untouched by sunlight, is the best environment for producing aged sake. About 100,000 bottles of sake are resting in the 600m long cave.

Add color


Sake made in a blessed natural environment with a 170 year-long history adds color to nightcaps, anniversaries, and time spent with loved ones. Fill every day with happiness.